Dr. AV Henderson

Dr. A.V. Henderson is a native Texan and has been in the ministry for 70 years. During this time, he has held pastorates in Texas, Louisiana, Delware, India and Michigan.

In addition to these pastorates, he was founder and President of Baptist College East in Boston, MA. He also served as President of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO for three years.

Dr. Henderson has served in many official positions in the Baptist Bible Fellowship and is widely used as a conference speaker.

Below is a collection of the sermons he has preached since joining our church. Feel free to listen or save a copy for your own personal use.

Date Title Format
052712AM2 Farewell(4.1 Mb  00:23:16)
021712 Marriage Conference 1(5.38 Mb  00:30:33)
122511AM2 The Birth of Christ(6.16 Mb  00:35:01)
081411PM Fishers of Men(5.19 Mb  00:29:30)
071011AM2 Redeemed(4.69 Mb  00:26:40)
061211AM1 Mark 14(6.84 Mb  00:38:54)
031311PM Comfort of God(5.01 Mb  00:28:29)
120510PM Grace of God(4.79 Mb  00:27:13)
100310PM Comfort(5.47 Mb  00:31:05)
060610PM Go to Christ(5.19 Mb  00:29:31)
122009AM2 Faith cometh by Hearing(5.23 Mb  00:29:42)
112209AM2 Heritage Day(6.27 Mb  00:35:40)
083009AM2 Get on the Road to Christ(4.46 Mb  00:25:18)
070509AM2 We have Obligations for God - Book of Romans(4.82 Mb  00:27:22)
051009AM2 Mothers Day(3.88 Mb  00:22:01)
041209PM Job(5.23 Mb  00:29:45)
032209AM2 A Heart for God(4.17 Mb  00:23:43)
121408PM Make Room for Jesus(4.96 Mb  00:28:10)
111608AM We all need God(4.41 Mb  00:25:04)
102608AM God's Promises(3.51 Mb  00:19:57)
083108PM Re-focus your Life on Christ(4.64 Mb  00:26:21)
071308AM Salvation(3.96 Mb  00:22:31)
050408PM Christ is there for us!(4.87 Mb  00:27:41)
041308PM The Life of Pontius Pilate(5.13 Mb  00:29:10)