Neh. 9
<p>God's great goodness is not just seen in the big things, but also in the small details of our lives.</p>
<p>In this episode, Michael Wiggins discusses the theme of God's great goodness as seen in the book of Nehemiah. He highlights how God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness, even when they rebelled against Him. Wiggins emphasizes the importance of recognizing and being grateful for God's provision and mercy in our lives.</p><br>
<p>Key Takeaways:</p>
<li>God's goodness is evident in His provision for His people, even when they rebel against Him.</li>
<li>We should not take for granted the small blessings and provisions that God gives us every day.</li>
<li>God's punishment is a form of His love and mercy, designed to draw us back to Him.</li>
<li>Through His pity and mercy, God withholds the punishment we deserve and continues to care for us.</li>
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