Our History
Where We Came From

God has been so good to us over the past thirteen years, but these blessings have come as a result of much plodding. Plodding and blessings are things the Lord has continued to use in my life. In August 2000, a pastor drove me around Haslet, showing me the need for a church in the growing community. At the end of the same month, we had our first service at the Haslet community center. We began to pray about a place to meet regularly but could not find a place in Haslet, so God gave us a storefront in a nearby community.

For three and half years we prayed and labored to fill that little building. One year after we got into the storefront, we were able to purchase seventeen and half acres which is our current property. The land, purchased from a cowboy, had two barns, a roping arena, and a double wide trailer on it. We did not know it at the time, but the property also came with the mineral rights.

Shortly after the purchase of our land, we hired an architect and began the process of preparing to build. As our storefront was getting crowded, there was a great spirit and much excitement in the church because we were about to build (or so we thought). In that same year we had a huge Fall Festival on our property with over eight hundred from the Haslet community attending. What a day that was as we got to meet many people from the community and advertise our coming to Haslet in the next year

In May 2006 we finally met in our own building for the first time. What great joy and in some ways a sense of relief to finally be in our new building in the community God called us. The house of God was full.

After much plodding came to the blessings! In June 2007 all I can say is that the light was turned on and God began to bless in a great way. We began to see souls saved and families added to the church almost every Sunday. This has continued relatively consistent up to this day. By 2010 our building was almost full and plans were started to build a new auditorium and to remodel our existing building. The build was started in April of 2012 and we were able to have our first service in the new auditorium in November of 2012. We are so thankful for the tool (facilities) God has placed in our hand in order that we might reach many people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the greatest days for our church are still yet to come!